Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Life Lately

Hello everyone! I thought I would catch up with everyone with what I've been up to lately. 
Zak and I went to a Paint Nite event with two of our good friends.
It was really fun and if you ever get a chance, do it! Groupon and Livingsocial usually has good deals on these types of events. We had lots of wine and a very good time. 

I'm not even sure I want to hang mine (right) and Zak's (left) paintings up together. He did such a great job on his, mine looks so bad in comparison. All of the instructors at the event kept stopping to tell him his was the best out of all of the paintings there that night. 

For Halloween, Zak and I went as an Oreo. We made the costumes and went to our friend's house and had another great night. 

I can't believe Halloween is over and we're well on our way into November now. Christmas is coming so soon! 

Last night I picked up a new piece of art work for my closet. 



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